Highlights and Press from the 2012 Service Innovation Summit

The Service Innovation Summit in Madrid was a great success, bringing together service leaders from across the United States and Spain to explore the possibilities and benefits of volunteering in both nations. Here we have some of the highlights of the Summit, as well as some of the press that the Summit has generated.


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The 2012 Service Innovation Summit in the News


Service Leaders from around the World and Spain Launch Civic Engage...- Meridian International Press Release


Interview with U.S. Ambassador Alan Solomont about Volunteering in ...(Spanish)


"An Untapped Resource: The Power of Volunteerism"- Stuart Holliday


Press Release from the Ayuntamiento de Madrid (Spanish)


"Corporate Volunteering Takes Shape in Spain"(Spanish)


"Madrid is Now a City of Service"(Spanish)


"Spain and the United States Encourage the Increase in Number of Vo...(Spanish)


"The Prince Promotes Volunteerism to Mitigate Effects of the Crisis"(Spanish)


"Prince Felipe Opens the 2012 Service Innovation Summit"(Spanish)


"Ana Botella Announces that Madrid Joins with Cities of Service"(Spanish)


"Trinidad Jiménez Supports a Law that Will Give Higher Visibility a...(Spanish)


"Esperanza Aguirre promotes volunteerism in Madrid at the Global Su...(Spanish)


"The International Service Innovation Summit Promotes Citizen Parti...(Spanish)





Did you attend the Summit in Madrid? Do you want to learn more about volunteering in Spain. Visit the Madrid Summit Group for more information.

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